The IMS Global OneRoster® Certification test suite is available for IMS members to test their implementations of OneRoster v1, OneRoster v1.1 and OneRoster v1.2. To begin the process, choose which type of certification you are looking to achieve (REST/CSV) and follow the steps online. For the complete process, please check out the details here.

If you have difficulty, please contact

One Roster Server CTS - Consumer Information Setup

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Upload the set of CSV files you wish to check for IMS conformance Certification individually or as a zip package. The validator will unzip the package, if necessary and ensure that the zip file is properly formed and includes the correct manifest file. The test suite will process all of your files checking for any errors. You will be notified of any errors as you move through the process. If you pass all of the tests, you will be prompted to submit your details to IMS for review and conformance certification.

Your Data Files will not be saved to IMS Servers.

Drag and drop to upload your files, or click this box to browse for files.
1 ZIP file containing csv files for OneRoster v1.1 or OneRoster v1.2 or 7 separate csv files for OneRoster v1.0
are required to continue.

Submit the log of files and fill out this document and submit to when complete.


File Validation

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Invalid submitted file(s)

Thank you for submitting you conformance results. A confirmation email has been sent to .